Discover the Exquisite Beauty and Innovative Structures of IBN Highland City

Discover the Exquisite Beauty and Innovative Structures of IBN Highland City

GETO, a renowned construction solutions provider, proudly presents IBN Highland City, a mesmerizing development located in Malaysia. Through its supply of building materials, IBN Highland City showcases GETO’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the construction industry.

Architectural Marvels Inspired by Nature

At IBN Highland City, the towers stand gracefully, resembling delicate flower petals scattered amidst the enchanting cloud and mist of the mountain. The architectural design harmoniously blends nature and modernity, creating a captivating visual spectacle that sets IBN Highland City apart.

Unparalleled Structures with Special-Shaped Formwork

The towers at IBN Highland City boast distinctive structures, combining round columns, arc-shaped beams, and uniquely angled decks. These elements come together, forming an awe-inspiring sight. Notably, over 50% of the special-shaped formwork used in the project is derived from GETO’s premium aluminium formwork sets, showcasing the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation.

IBN Highland City, brought to life by GETO’s expertise and commitment to excellence, stands as a testament to the marriage of artistry and structural integrity. The towers’ resemblance to flower petals delicately placed amidst the mountainous landscape creates a sense of wonder and harmony. With a design that includes over 50% special-shaped formwork from GETO’s aluminium formwork sets, IBN Highland City represents the fusion of beauty and precision. Every detail, from the round columns to the arc-shaped beams, has been meticulously crafted to create a truly remarkable architectural masterpiece. Trust GETO to deliver innovative and exceptional construction solutions, elevating projects like IBN Highland City to new heights of beauty and structural brilliance.