Reinforcing Security: Hikvision Access Control Solution Expands to Two Doors

Reinforcing Security: Hikvision Access Control Solution Expands to Two Doors

Hikvision, a trusted leader in the security industry, continues to innovate with their Hikvision Access Control Solution, now extending its capabilities to support two doors simultaneously. This expansion offers enhanced security and convenience for businesses and organizations seeking robust access control measures. With the Hikvision Access Controller DS-K2812, managing access to multiple areas within a facility becomes seamless and efficient.

Two Doors Access Control

The system enables control and monitoring of two separate entry points, providing comprehensive access management for increased security.

Multi-Door Interlocking Function

By implementing interlocking functionality, the access control system ensures that only one door is open at a time, preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining entry.

First Person Function

The first person function grants priority access to authorized personnel, ensuring a seamless and expedited entry process for key individuals.

Alarm Event Upload

The system supports real-time alarm event uploading, enabling security personnel to respond to any potential security breaches or incidents promptly.

RS-485 and Wiegand Interfaces

The Hikvision Access Control Solution supports both RS-485 and Wiegand interfaces for connecting card readers. The Wiegand interface specifically supports W26/W34 protocols, ensuring seamless compatibility with third-party card readers that utilize the same interface.

Standby Battery

To ensure uninterrupted functionality, the access controller is equipped with a standby battery, providing power backup during an electrical outage.

Data Persistence

Even during a power loss, the Hikvision Access Control Solution retains all stored data, guaranteeing the integrity and availability of access logs and settings.


Hikvision’s commitment to technological excellence and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of their Access Control Solution. By expanding the capabilities of their access control systems to encompass two doors, Hikvision provides businesses and organizations with a scalable and comprehensive security solution.