Release Notes for TallyPrime Release 4.0 | What’s New!

TallyPrime Release 4.0

Release Notes for TallyPrime Release 4.0 | What’s New!

You will be really happy and delighted by TallyPrime and TallyPrime Edit Log Release 4.0 because of the following:

The ability to quickly distribute business articles, like coupons and reports, via WhatsApp

An easy method for importing the master data and transaction data stored in the Microsoft Excel format

The cutting-edge dashboard that provides you with an instant overview of the health of your business

Your experience with Tally in UAE is further enhanced by product updates in modules like VAT and Payment Request, as well as other features like the ability to print historical and current balances on invoices.

Highlights: Release 4.0 of TallyPrime and TallyPrime Edit Log

The exciting new features included in TallyPrime Release 4.0 will enhance your overall enjoyment. 

  • Using WhatsApp for Business with TallyPrime
  • Data import from Microsoft Excel
  • Dashboard with graphics

Business Details Instantly Shared | TallyPrime with WhatsApp for Business

TallyPrime Release 4.0 offers you the power of instant communication via WhatsApp for Business, taking into account the significance of smooth and effective communication between businesses and their stakeholders. This enables you to benefit from the market-dominating improvements in communication and technological breakthroughs.

With just one click, businesses may transfer documents straight from TallyPrime to one or more partners or stakeholders. Assume that the quarter has just ended and you have closed your books. Financial statements that have been digitally signed can be sent via WhatsApp to important stakeholders and investors. In a similar vein, you may use WhatsApp to send reminder letters and invoices to your parties and receive their responses. The instantaneous communications will aid in better cash flow management.

If your company operates in Dubai, your domestic clients have the option to instantly make payments by clicking the payment URLs included in invoices and reminder letters that are sent over WhatsApp.

Tally Prime UAE and WhatsApp are now perfectly linked. Using TallyPrime, you may sign up for WhatsApp for Business and distribute documents to several parties or stakeholders at once. You can still transmit documents by email using TallyPrime, but you won’t have to worry about the recipient seeing it and taking action.

Simple Data Import from MS Excel and Easy Migration to TallyPrime from Any Software

For any organization, manually entering large volumes of data is a nightmare. Manual entry takes a lot of time and is prone to mistakes. TallyPrime Release 4.0 offers a smooth import from Microsoft Excel to remedy this. This is on top of the current capability to import XML files.

As you may already be aware, a lot of software packages enable data exportation to Excel. This makes it possible for you to import data into TallyPrime from Excel spreadsheets.

What there in the feature:

  • Import masters and transactions from Excel with ease.
  • Utilize any of the Excel files or default templates available.
  • No matter the format or sequence, take data that has been carefully selected from any Excel spreadsheet and map it to fields in TallyPrime.
  • Examine the logs generated during import to see which mistakes happened.

A Graphical Dashboard is a Visual Tool for Creating Financial Insights.

TallyPrime Dashboards allow you to analyze business data in a user-friendly style. You can construct more dashboards in addition to the default Sales and Purchase dashboards. You can interact with individual tiles, incorporate distinct reports as independent tiles, and set each tile to meet different criteria. As a consultant, financial manager, or business owner, Dashboard enables you to make data-driven decisions that promote success and expansion. 

The graphs and charts in the various tiles can be used to follow trends in revenue, analyze spending habits, keep an eye on your cash flow, and obtain a thorough understanding of your financial situation and ledger balances for any time you want.

TallyPrime’s dashboard provides flexibility to:

  • You can add or remove tiles, customize each one separately, add or remove data points, and more.
  • Limit users’ access to dashboards according to their rights. A dashboard for a particular user will not include tiles to which that user has restricted access.
  • Make distinct dashboards for various uses, arrange tiles to suit your tastes, and preserve the views.
  • When you launch a Company, the home screen loads a dashboard.
  • Print, export, and distribute to interested parties via WhatsApp or email.

Smooth Transition to TallyPrime Version 4.0

You will now be able to transfer your Company data to TallyPrime without experiencing memory-related issues, such as those brought on by the following causes if you are using TallyPrime Release 2.1 or earlier.

The quantity of vouchers or the size of the company’s data is substantial.

The vouchers, which have the Include Expense for slab calculation setting enabled, contain stock goods or services with slab-based pricing. 

However, you won’t have to go through the migration process if you are using TallyPrime Release 3.0 or 3.0.1. To proceed with your job, simply import your company’s data into TallyPrime Release 4.0.

GCC VAT Information on an Invoice with a Ledger Made Within a Sub-Group

If you lost GCC VAT details when you used a ledger created under a sub-group, such as Fixed Assets, Tally comes to aid.

Keeping GCC VAT details regardless of the ledger and its sub-group will now make it easier for you to create invoices with the GCC VAT details.

Now is the time to get TallyPrime version 4.0 (December 2022). TallyPrime Version 4.0 is now accessible. Try it today!

Penieltech is here to assist you with all the TallyPrime solutions. 

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