Tips for Creating a Real Estate Website: From Beginner to Pro

Tips for Creating a Real Estate Website From Beginner to Pro

Tips for Creating a Real Estate Website: From Beginner to Pro

Real estate is big in the UAE, especially in Dubai. In reality, the real estate sector in Dubai is the second-largest contributor to the UAE’s economy. While the sector experienced a severe downturn a few years ago, it has since regained its former splendor, with national and international investors pouring into Dubai’s real estate sector.

With a burgeoning market, real estate websites have become big business in Dubai, with numerous local and foreign internet companies vying for a piece of this multimillion-dollar industry. Internet searches on real estate websites drive approximately half of all real estate acquisitions in Dubai, prompting entrepreneurs to invest in real estate websites.

If you are one of hundreds of hopeful entrepreneurs hoping to make a lot of money with a real estate website in Dubai, you should talk with one of the numerous top web design Dubai businesses about a few important factors of successful real estate. Remember that your website will be your digital business card, and to monetize it, you must make it as client-centric as possible.

To compete with industry leaders, you must delve beneath the surface of a few standard aspects, such as great design and ease of navigation. Today’s real estate purchasers want a far more personalized and detailed experience from real estate website designs created by a leading Dubai website development firm, as well as efficient listings and neighborhood data. A few other crucial considerations include excellent local SEO and high conversion optimization. You can hire an SEO company in Dubai to rank your real estate website for lead generation.

9 Real Estate Website Design Tips!

Use sophisticated and easily editable website builders.

Over half of all websites (including BBC America, The New York Times, and many others) use WordPress as their primary website development platform, and there’s a good reason for this. WordPress is without a doubt one of the most powerful, easy-to-update, and adaptable website-building platforms available today. What’s even great is that it’s an open-source platform ideal for creating websites for a wide range of enterprises.

Not only is it a free platform, but you won’t need any coding skills to build your real estate website with WordPress. Learn the fundamentals of setting up IDX-integrated real estate websites (numerous online tutorials and manuals are available) and get started. Simply get a domain name and hosting for your business to start for as little as $7 per month.

Long-tail keywords are best suited for your demands.

As a real estate website owner, your goal should not be to attract the most people, but to attract the most relevant (convertible) visitors.

Traditionally, SEO businesses choose phrases that appear frequently in searches, such as “real estate Dubai” and “real estate price Dubai.” While this strategy will undoubtedly help you attract a large number of visitors to your website, not all of them will be interested in converting. Targeting long-tail keywords such as “affordable new home in Dubai Marina” is a better strategy to increase conversions. While these kinds of keywords will undoubtedly receive considerably less attention, the visitors they generate are more likely to convert.

Remember, the longer and more relevant the keywords, the better your chances of converting visitors.

Effective Landing Page

One of the most crucial parts for any real estate web design company is to construct a visually appealing and highly conversion-optimized landing page. Regardless of who designs the landing page, you must make it completely entertaining and appealing to potential buyers.

While there is a lot of internet literature about how to construct the perfect landing page for a real estate web design, there isn’t a single technique you can use. Adhering to the fundamental principles of website design, such as a clear call to action, powerful headlines, social proofing, tidy images, and a restricted focus, is essential for creating the best landing pages. If you’re still struggling to construct a successful landing page, contact the top web design agency in Dubai immediately and see a major boost on the digital frontier.

Understanding how IDX works is crucial for real estate websites. Although it may seem complicated, it’s actually rather simple to implement.

The idea is that you don’t need to design or code every component of your real estate web design; in fact, with the correct information, you won’t even have to design the majority of the website. IDX and other listing management technologies can be used to simply insert a one-liner code at the website’s backend, allowing consumers to retrieve all of the listings they require.

You don’t even need to invest money to integrate IDX or other listings; instead, there are numerous clear guidelines and tutorials available online for beginners. So all you have to do is get a cup of coffee, open your laptop, and follow a step-by-step guide.

Keeps the search bar in the front

There are some fundamental criteria for real estate site design, one of which is to provide visitors with a simple and clearly visible search bar right in front of them. The point is that, unlike some other websites such as web design, parcel delivery, flowers, and so on, visitors are less concerned with the exquisiteness or aesthetics of your real estate web design but rather with how reliable your navigation system is and how large your listing is. You may also look at the web design of real estate behemoths like or others to see how they have pulled things off correctly.

As a result, make sure your website design has a clearly visible and robustly designed search bar at the top of the page, giving users a sense of comfort and reliability because they will know you mean business.

Keep your website updated.

It is vitally critical to keep your website updated on a regular basis, which includes not only updating the listings, prices, and so on, but also often updating the blog entries. To boost your Google ranking, updating a blog post once a week is highly recommended. This will also help to develop your website’s authority in the Dubai real estate industry. You may also post testimonials and new photos (with ALT tags) to keep your website updated and search engine-friendly at all times.

Remember how we said your real estate website would be your digital business card? It should also serve as an active real estate agent who is up-to-date on the newest market trends.

Maintain your focus on quality.

Focusing on quality over quantity is essential to standing out in a market crowded with hundreds of other competitors. Remember that a simple website (5 pages) with rich content, great search navigation, and up-to-date listings is considerably more effective than a large website (20 pages or more) with generic material and no blog updates.

There is no need to use fillers to fill up space; doing so wastes time and money. To establish yourself as a market authority, you must provide the most recent and valuable information from the market (act as an expert), and your clients will instantly accept your authority over competitors.

Social Proofing

Reviews are vital not just for marketing (search engines), but also for establishing market authority. You must have read restaurant evaluations several times before visiting the restaurant; this speaks volumes about the impact of reviews on a business.

Reviews and testimonials are reassuring statements that provide potential clients with a sense of security and belonging since they receive great vibes from others. As a result, be sure you collect as many client reviews as possible (even better if they are video testimonials) and promote them on your website, social media, and emails.

Responsive design

Okay, this is one of the most popular and crucial factors to consider while designing a real estate website. Remember that there are more individuals searching for a website on mobile devices than on desktop computers. This means that if your real estate website design is not mobile-friendly, you will lose half of your potential customers. Ranking an unresponsive website on Google can limit your ability to make money from your real estate website.

To make an impact in the real estate sector, consider these top website design suggestions. Remember, real estate is big in Dubai, and with international rivals, your only chance to win is to stay up-to-date on best practices and focus only on giving consumers value-added information while instilling trust and comfort.

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