Discover the Serenity of the Desert: Private Desert Safari Dubai

Experience Desert Tranquility Unforgettable Private Desert Safari in Dubai. Book Now for a Journey of a Lifetime!

Discover the Serenity of the Desert: Private Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai, a bustling metropolis mostly known for its towering skyscrapers and extravagant lifestyle, has a hidden gem that completely contrasts the city’s vibrant atmosphere and its serene and quiet desert. Located just a few miles outside the city, it’s heaven for tourists and locals alike.

If you want to escape from the urban hustle, a private desert safari Dubai is the perfect choice to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in the beauty of the desert. This tour is a must-have experience for once in your life. 

For adventure enthusiasts, several activities, such as dune buggy rental Dubai, sandboarding, quad biking, etc., will make up for a memorable experience. Also, those who want some peaceful time and not any adventure can participate in camel riding, hot air balloon riding, camping activities, etc; hence it has everything for everyone. 

Interested in learning more about desert safari adventure in Dubai? Continue reading. 

Why Should You Try Out Private Desert Safari Dubai Adventure? 

Here are a few reasons to try a desert safari adventure in Dubai. 

There is Nothing Like Dubai’s Desert landscape

 Dubai’s desert landscape is like a blank canvas, allowing you to express yourself freely. This place’s glowing sunsets and undulating dunes are great photographic opportunities, often rivaling desktop screensavers. 

As the hot sun hits the sand, it may appear to be on another planet, its red hue resembling that of Mars. When the clouds open at night, a sky filled with stars emerges from the desert. 

Choose The Adventure That Suits You Best 

With so many activities in the vast desert, you will surely have an unforgettable experience. Try out a dune buggy rental in Dubai, an adrenalin-pumping balance test in a 4×4 recreational vehicle as it climbs and descends steep dunes. 

Next, you can try sandboarding, a fascinating activity that entails sliding down a long slope of sand as you test your balance. Your holiday video will be hilarious if you tumble or roll. There are also optional activities like quad biking, horseback riding, and camel riding for people to enjoy.  

Quad biking provides a chaotic experience similar to dune buggies. As you speed across the desert on a four-wheeler, feel like a professional racer. 

You can also ride horseback or camel if you prefer a more relaxed experience. For safety purposes, the guide holds off the animal during these activities. Regardless of your decision, you’ll be sure to take home some cool photographs captured by your tour guide.

Some people who like daring activities book only a dune buggy or quad biking tour instead of a whole safari. If you are one of those individuals, you can contact Enduro Bike Adventure to book a tour as required. 

Witness the Rich and Ancient Culture and Art of the Arabian Peninsula   

During the evening, you will be led to a Bedouin camp for a delicious dinner and a show, which will take place at the camp. The Arabian culture here is as vibrant and mesmerizing as it was hundreds of years ago, dramatic and colorful. Talented young women spin skirts, belly dancers perform snake-like hips, and fire-breathing locals showcase their elemental mastery in Tanoura. 

As part of your visit, you may also have the opportunity to obtain a temporary tattoo made from henna, which is reddish-brown ink used for temporary tattoos. You can select a design from a set or create one of your own, and you will have the chance to enjoy the art form for a few days until the artist fades it.

Enjoy The Sunrise & Sunset in a Spectacular Way

Sunsets and sunrises in the desert are more breathtaking and are a sight that one must see at least once in their lifetime. There is hardly any pollution in the sky, which makes it a joy to gaze at in the evening. The views are breathtaking, and the way the sky changes color is mesmerizing. There will be so many amazing photographs to be taken!

Get to Enjoy Unlimited Barbecue Dinner Buffets

At a desert safari dinner buffet, you can enjoy a vast selection of spices and meat, two of the most important components of Arabian cuisine. Open-fire grills are set up at the campsite, preparing barbecued meat to satisfy your appetite. There will be a variety of tasty fruits at your disposal in the form of slices of fruit, ready for you to nibble on while watching a cultural performance on a stage. 

This array of Arabian delights is the perfect treat, whether after a day of adventure or just having fun under the sun. After a filling dinner, enjoy a cup of Arabic coffee and sweets or a shisha to alleviate your over-full stomach.

Suitable For Family-Friendly Fun 

Private Desert Safari Dubai caters to all age groups, making it perfect for families. Children will especially enjoy the exhilarating rides and cultural activities, creating cherished family memories. So if you are planning a family vacation in another country, this tour suits you. 

An Opportunity to See Rare Wildlife Once in a Lifetime 

During your desert safari, you will have the opportunity to see the national bird of the UAE, the falcon! It is a traditional sport in the United Arab Emirates to train falcons. According to UNESCO, it is part of humanity’s intangible cultural heritage and is considered a high art form in Emirati culture. 

Originally used by hunters and hunters’ organizations in the past, falcons are now trained in various sports and for their cultural significance. It is no secret that falconers bring their majestic hunting birds to desert safaris to take selfies and perform, so you should not miss out on the opportunity to take a selfie with one! 

Several other types of fauna can be found in the desert. It is common to see Arabian oryx, meerkats, owls, and various flocks of birds in this area. It is recommended that you avoid close contact with the animals in the desert as much as possible, as it is a conservation area.

These are a few reasons for trying out a private desert safari Dubai adventure. If you are considering booking a tour, contact us at Desert Planet Tourism Services to discuss further details and see what package will suit you. Our customer support is available 24/7 and ready to assist you in any way possible. 

A desert safari in Dubai offers an unparalleled experience of serenity and adventure. Away from the city’s hustle, the mystical desert landscape with its golden dunes and mesmerizing sunsets captivates the soul. 

With personalized tours, thrilling activities like dune buggy rental Dubai, quad biking, and insights into Bedouin culture, this journey promises cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Embrace the desert’s allure and discover its beauty on a private desert safari – an extraordinary escape like no other.