Focuhunter 1-4×24 LPVO Rifle Scope With Throw Lever: Precision and Versatility in One

Focuhunter 1-4×24 LPVO Rifle Scope With Throw Lever: Precision and Versatility in One

The Focuhunter 1-4×24 LPVO Rifle Scope with Throw Lever offers exceptional performance and adaptability for shooting enthusiasts and hunters. This LPVO rifle scope, with its impressive features, stands as one of the best choices for those seeking precision and versatility in their shooting equipment.

Outstanding Magnification and Optics

The Focuhunter 1-4×24 LPVO Rifle Scope features a magnification range of 1x to 4x, making it perfect for various shooting scenarios. The 24mm objective lens diameter and 35.5mm eyepiece diameter ensure clear and bright images. The FMC multi-layer coating on the lenses enhances light transmission, delivering sharper and clearer visuals, even in low-light conditions. The 30mm tube, made from 6061 aerospace aluminum, guarantees durability and a lightweight design.

Robust Construction and Design

This Focuhunter LPVO rifle scope is built with precision and durability in mind. The leaf spring form uses a spring seat, and the turret material consists of fancy brass screws. With a compact length of 251mm (9.88 inches) and a net weight of 17.67 ounces (501 grams), it is both manageable and reliable. The black matte appearance reduces glare, enhancing stealth during use.

Advanced Reticle and Adjustments

The glass-etched reticle is positioned in the 2nd focal plane, maintaining consistent size at all magnifications. The reticle illumination is red, with 11 brightness levels to suit different lighting conditions. The capped turret style provides 1/2 MOA click value adjustments, with both elevation and windage adjustments reaching up to 140 MOA. Each rotation offers 30 MOA travel, allowing precise and easy tuning.

Enhanced Durability and Performance

The Focuhunter 1-4×24 LPVO is designed to withstand tough conditions. It is IP67 waterproof, anti-fog, and can handle recoil up to 1200 G forces. The scope operates efficiently within a temperature range of -20℃ to +60℃, making it suitable for various environments. The fast adjustable eyepiece allows for quick diopter adjustments from -2.2 to +2.3 dpr, ensuring sharp focus for every shooter.

Field of View and Eye Relief

With a field of view of 30 feet (18 degrees) at 1x and 30 feet (4 degrees) at 4x, the Focuhunter 1-4×24 LPVO provides a comprehensive view of the target area. The exit pupil distance ranges from 97mm to 117mm (4.606″ to 3.81″), offering comfortable eye relief across all magnifications. The exit pupil diameter is Ø5.9, ensuring a clear and bright sight picture.


The Focuhunter 1-4×24 LPVO Rifle Scope with Throw Lever combines precision, durability, and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for hunters and shooters. Trust Focuhunter to deliver exceptional performance and elevate your shooting experience with the best LPVO rifle scope on the market.